Something about myself

I started  learning to trade  in year 2006 while having full hands of other commitments. The idea fascinated me as a mum looking for flexibility in time and as a person who has background in accounting and have always strived for excellence in leveraging my money and my time.

I attended numbers of trading courses for Futures, Index, Forex, Commodities, Options  with assumption that the more knowledge I acquired the good result  would show up automatically, therefore, I thought I could not go wrong if I got myself covered all areas of trading.

Later on, after stumbling up and down on my trading journeys, I started reading trading books, paid for coaching sessions and discovered that having knowledge can only get me 20 percent success, 80 percent of my success depends on having the right mindset. Ahem…I shook my head to wake myself up from the deep sleep in technical analysis. Well, having said that does not mean I ignored or felt wasted after all the studies I learnt, I still do my technical analysis on a daily basis to get in my trades.

If you are new to trading, you think and act like me on my early days, I was always busy searching for Holy Grail going from one system to another which does not exist by the way. I only realised this ugly truth after running out of money to pay for more trading courses and to fund my trading accounts.

If you are a veteran, you agree with me that knowing how to enter a trade has very little to do with your positive results at the end of the month. Many brokers out there offer complimentary trade signals, they do that for free so they can get you placing your xyz trades in order to get paid by commissions/spreads. It is good to have those service and I don’t mind to share part of my profit to my brokers as long as I make money.

Trading is a probability game and expecting certainties could drive someone into disappointment. Fear and greed drive human behaviours which determine our results. We have to work with our mind in conjunction with knowledge to control our emotions. The key in trading is knowing how to stay in the winning trades to maximize the profit and know where to cut the losses that will bring our accounts in green pips every months.

‘Trading in the zone’ by Mark Douglas is a good book to read and re-read to get your mindset right to start off your trading journey.

My goal is to share my experience to assist other traders while improving my trading skills to excellence, and to be better than yesterday in life and trading.

My trading decisions are made based mainly on price actions in conjunctions with indicators for filtering (Traders Dynamic Index (TDI), Moving Average, Stochastic, Awesome).

My favourite quote is "If you would dream it BEGIN it. If you have an idea OPEN it. If there is longing ACKNOWLEDGE it. If there is mission COMMIT it. If there is daring DO it. If there is love SPEAK it. If there is resource USE it. If there is abundance SHARE it."

Best wishes and happy trading!