19th Jan 2015

Monday morning in Melbourne.

A new week has just begun leaving behind a big shock to the FX market caused by SNB’s action last Thursday 15th Jan 2015.

Thanks God that I did not get caught by X/CHFs fall, that does not mean I am not worried about my fx trading. Whether we trade Futures or Forex or something else, money markets is big where it has big impact on almost every corner of our lives.

Well, you might say it is the big guys’ jobs to fix or balance it out what considers not balanced. Of course it takes time to think and to act, but in the meantime, what should we as small retail traders do with our trading for living? Avoiding anything to do with CHF obviously, due to brokers have increased their margin requirements and xCHF’s are crawling since the sharp fall on that day where UCHF fell more than 900points by the look at my M5 chart before and after that secret scheduled news out from SNB.

Is is possible to make money from such a chaotic situation? I believe it is possible. However, if I have another way to go, why shouldn’t I go with the  stable pairs (for now I meant).

Hope we have our mind ready and calm for trading this week.

Green pips to us all !

UCHF Daily chart with big dive on Thursday 15th Jan 2015

UCHF Daily chart with big dive on Thursday 15th Jan 2015