Price actions

Price actions topic is as old as the earth and have been mentioned over and over again regardless of methodology we use. I will not go into details of what price actions is as you can easily do Google search and find out more about it if you are not sure.

Ironically, we all started learning  the basics before introducing to indicators  ( I am talking about my own experience here), but because there are so many indicators with colours and functions and looking more interesting and convenient, we then got distracted from the basis and got attracted to those indies. Why should we not better to have such enhancement  for our  trading? (very similar to someone said negatively about technology making our lives bad since we got addicted to its and don't be bothered to interact with one another in a normal humanity way). Everything has good and bad side depending what side we are paying attentions to.  

Back to trading, I recently edited my 1st post on TMS for M30 thread with Divergence and Hidden Divergence as requested by some traders. The reason I did not do it earlier as there are more than just spotting a divergence or a hidden divergence, which should be referred as basis FX, that is checking nearby support/ resistant, how price reacts (HH HL, or LH LL, pin bars, inside bars, outside bars, etc.). It is like driving,  you probable drive differently  after 10 years than when you just had your driver license. I  tried to put myself into newbies' shoes when I had to explain or answer their questions, drawing and put notes on my charts to illustrate my answers.

Here is a snapshot from one of my ECAD trade which has price actions and divergence.